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Rapid Vision Systems is the market leader in redeployable CCTV for both public and private sectors.

Rapid deployment with ease

For over a decade, Rapid Vision Systems has been manufacturing rapid deployment CCTV solutions that are ideal for local government, housing associations, police forces and more.

Using the latest in wireless 3G and 4G technology, our CCTV solutions are all redeployable. Our solutions are both efficient and effective at gathering high quality footage for evidence in either covert or overt environments. Additionally, all of our systems can transmit recorded and live images over Wi-Fi or wireless 3G or 4G mobile networks; creating an ideal temporary, mobile or permanent setup or any type of remote monitoring application.

Each of our systems has a proven track record of successful deployment in a variety of scenarios. We often work directly with our customers, providing a bespoke and often unique CCTV system. Our standalone products can maximise your surveillance operations whilst remaining as cost-effective as possible.

Traditionally digital

Our solutions are entirely redeployable, wireless and perfect for your covert and overt operations. We can develop and produce unique redeployable CCTV systems that can gather footage for evidence and help to secure any environment. We work with local governments, police forces, and more to develop systems that are used throughout the UK every day.


With a decade of experience, we have delivered on our customer's requirements with precision and attention to detail. With rapid deployment and wireless 3G/4G communication, you get active monitoring you can depend on, daily.


We are committed to delivering quality wireless solutions. With our experienced in-house development team, we have become a long-term service provider for many businesses and authorities across the UK

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